Gary is a self taught artist. His early drawings were mainly cartoons for high school projects.  His career in the military and aviation industry led to cartooning what he knew best - airplanes and sports.  He focused on drawing caricatures of commercial and military aircraft in addition to cartooning the humorous sides of sports.


In 2013 Gary directed his creative nature to the more disciplined technique of pen and ink drawing. Again self taught, he rapidly mastered the technique. Gary's love of the outdoors has greatly influenced his work. The detail and sharpness illustrated in his drawings of trees, abandoned buildings, barns and ghost towns is dramatic. He strives to have the viewer to see the beauty in the simplicity, strength, boldness of black and white.


"I do not see the world in Black and White!  I enjoy trying to capture what I see into the simplicity of Black and White.  I treasure the outdoors and the beauty of the woods.  The wide variety of trees, some pass their life span and others hale and hearty.  Abandon homes, ghost towns, battered structures.  The subject may be a unique composition, it may contain a pattern of light and dark, shape and form that intrigue me.  I fine ease in working with the pens and the various sizes of nibs allowing me to create fine lines and details.  I am very humbled by viewers sighting my art as distinctive and beautiful.


  • As a member of the Coastal Art League in Half Moon Bay his work has been exhibited there.

  • 2016 San Mateo County Fair – Fine Art Division – Works on Paper - 2nd and 3rd place

  • 2017 San Mateo County Fair – Fine Art Division – Works on Paper - 2nd place and 2 Honorable Mention awards

  • 2018 - CAL Collaboration with 5 other artist in an extraordinary, exceptional show of beautiful art. 

  • 2019 - CAL Collaboration - "Four Art a quartet of views" - Exhibitor 


Juried Exhibits:

  • 2015 Coastal Art League chosen exhibitor

  • 2016 Peninsula Jewish Community Center - 4th place

  • 2017 Coastal Art League - "The California Coast" - Award of Merit