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Treat yourself and your kids to a whimsical little book about Airplanes and Ants. Many of Gary's cartoon Airplanes and Ants talk about actual airline and ant facts that are presented with humor.  The Ants are quirky little characters and the Airplanes are friendly and fun.  It's a cute book with a different twist.


Humorous and colorful caricature drawings of Airplanes and Ants.  If Airplanes have thoughts, they are viewed here.  Words spoken by those flying machines to those colorful Ants are also within these pages.  Ants also either converse with Airplanes or also talk to one another in which the letters A N T are found in the words spoken.  Any individual curious as do Airplanes really talk and what do Ants talk about, this book is for you.

If you'd like additional information and a inside view of the book Airplane and Ants that can be found via : https://store.bookbaby.com/book/airplane-and-ants .... purchasing is possible at that site

$26.74 plus $4.99 for shipping within the United States = $31.73